How To Set Your Water Heater on Vacation Mode?

Don’t know how to set your water heater on vacation mode? If so, don’t worry; We are here to help you out.

Many people hear that vacation mode can save energy and lessen their electricity bills. So, they want to set their heater on it. Well, it is somehow true. So, if you are also among this kind of people, read this pretty short but comprehensive article thoroughly.  

What is Vacation Mode for Water Heater?

Vacation mode is a setting for your water heater that will allow the boiler to run at a pretty lower temperature. This will save your electricity and eventually will decrease the bill.

But this temperature is not enough to warm your home. Although, usually, manufacturers keep the temperature of vacation mode at 10 degrees Celcius that is surely not enough.

But if you are going out and don’t want to waste gas/electricity in your absence, then this temperature is all right. Also, vacation mode will not let the water get frozen, which is good.

So, it is a reasonable choice when you are going out but not when you are thinking of saving your bill.

How to Set Vacation Mode for Water Heater?

Well, many methods are set by the manufacturers of the water heater. But to use it firstly, you should know where it is on the heater.

It is not a difficult task because, in most water heaters, the option of vacation mode is in front. On your heater, there must be a dial on the front side. There can be a few hot, warm vacation modes and off on the dial.

You need to move your dial and make it to vacation mode. It will decrease the energy consumption and will decrease the efficiency of your water heater.

If you did not find the dial on the front side of your heater, then you have to find it. Don’t worry about it. It will be on any side of your water heater.

Can you Customize the Vacation Mode?

You can easily customize the heating of your heater from hot to vacation mode. But if you want to customize vacation mode by yourself, then it can be a bit risky.

If you are a specialist, you can change your heater’s settings, but don’t go for it if you don’t have complete knowledge about it.

Should You Use Vacation Mode on Normal Days?

It is a choice; many people use vacation mode on normal days to save their gas or electricity bills. But it is not recommended by the experts because it will not freeze the water but will also not give the proper amount of heat.

The Final Verdict

Vacation mode will help you save your water heater’s fuel consumption when you are going out. This will eventually decrease the bill and your money, but use it when going out for some days.

Now, you have much information about the vacation mode of your water heater. So, you can decide how to set up vacation mode on your heater.

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