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When Should I Replace My Water Heater?

Water heaters are one of the most overlooked appliances in any home. Since most people have no idea what warning signs they should be looking out for, they tend to ignore warning signs until they have no other option. If you’re looking to get the most out of your new water heater, here are some things to keep a lookout for:

Cold Water

Improperly heated water is perhaps the most easily recognizable sign that something is wrong. If you’re finding yourself having cold or lukewarm showers more often than not, there’s a good chance that the heating element in your water heater is damaged, or there are mineral deposits in the heater preventing it from working properly.

Strange Noises

Is your water heater making odd, popping noises? If so, they’re an indication that there are mineral deposits at the bottom of your tank. This is a major concern, as the deposits affect your water heater’s effectiveness, requiring more effort to heat the same amount of water – which means you spend more on heating bills. Additionally, if you have an electric water heater, there’s a risk of your heating element burning out because the mineral deposits are covering it.

Frequent Tank Leaks

This is another easily identified sign that there’s something wrong with your water heater. If your tank leaks water frequently, there’s a good sign that it is approaching the end of its lifespan, and you need to invest in water heater replacement. Check to make sure it’s the tank that’s leaking, not the connections – leaking connections can be repaired, where a leaky tank cannot.

Types of Water Heaters

Choosing a water heater can be a challenging proposition. Not only do you need to choose between brands and models, you also need to determine which type of water heater – gas, electric, tankless, or other – is right for your needs.

If you find yourself stumped, it’s always good to speak to a professional. Our team at One Shot Water Heaters will be able to guide you through making a decision.

Before you can reach a decision, however, you need to first understand what these water heaters entail.

Electric Water Heaters

Easy to operate and highly functional, electric water heaters tend to the best most common option for homes. Unlike gas heaters, you don’t need to turn on the gas to start the heating process – all you need to do is flip a switch.

Electric water heaters have a lower upfront cost than gas heaters. However, the long-term cost tends to be higher, as you have to pay for the electricity.

Gas Water Heaters

While these water heaters have a higher cost of investment than electric alternatives, they are less expensive to operate in the long term due to the lower cost of gas compared to electricity.

That said, gas water heaters require significantly more maintenance to prevent sediment build-up. Aside from regularly flushing the system, you will also have to keep an eye on the gas lines and gas tanks to ensure there are no gas leaks.

Tankless Hot Water Systems

These systems are exactly what the name suggests – water heaters without a tank. Instead, they heat water as and when needed – cold water is run over highly heated coils, allowing the water to heat quickly.

One of the biggest advantages of these systems is space-saving – you don’t need to accommodate a large tank to go along with your hot water heater. However, they are significantly more expensive than electric heaters.

Unfortunately, One Shot Water Heaters does not currently service tankless systems.

Why Hire a Professional?

Several homeowners prefer DIY repairs and installations around the house. It’s understandable why – it allows them to save on the cost of hiring a professional.

However, a hot water heater should never be something you try to handle yourself. Not only is the system complicated and challenging to get right, if something goes wrong during the installation, there can also be a significant risk to both you and your home.

If you’re still wondering why you should hire a professional for water heater installation and replacement, here are just some of the reasons.


Hot water heaters aren’t just dangerous when malfunctioning; they can also be risky if installed improperly. Your electric water heater requires a significant amount of electricity to run – most commonly, 240 volts (though this differs from model to model).

If installed improperly, you risk shocking yourself the moment you turn it on. Such a shock can be hazardous to your health, and in severe cases, may even be fatal.

An experienced professional from a water heater company is well-aware of the risks and can handle the installation while ensuring you have nothing to worry about.

Time and Cost Savings

It may seem counterintuitive, but hiring a professional can actually help you save both time and money. More often than not, homeowners start working on their water heaters – only to find themselves out of their depths. This is when they call in the professionals for help.

By this time, you’ll have spent money on materials, as well as a significant amount of your valuable time. By getting a professional involved from the start, you get water heater installation done right without wasting time.

Peace of Mind

By having a professional handling all water heater replacement and installation, you get the peace of mind of knowing that the job was done right. You don’t have to worry about anything malfunctioning unexpectedly or being faced with an emergency you’re not equipped to handle.

Additionally, some water heater companies offer warranties for their services, which means you have the additional peace of mind of knowing that you won’t have to worry about having to pay extra for repairs and replacement if something does go wrong.


Most of us simply don’t have the time to spend trying to figure out how to deal with a water heater. Contacting a professional is easier than ever – many companies allow you to book online, so you don’t even have to deal with another person while scheduling an appointment. This means you can get all your water heater woes handled without stress for yourself.

How Much Does Water Heater Installation and Replacement Cost?

With any cost, most people are concerned about the amount of money they’ll have to spend. Installing or replacing a hot water heater depends on several factors, including:

Type of Heater:

As discussed, tankless heaters are the most expensive, while electric heaters require the lowest cost upfront. Additionally, a larger heater or a heater from a premium brand will be more expensive than a smaller, lower-quality one.


If your heater is located in a tight space that a professional will have to maneuverer or alter to fit the water heater, the labor charges will be higher than if it is in an easily accessible spot.

Additional Costs:

Depending on your individual needs and requirements, you may be faced with additional costs. For example, your water heater may need an insulator, or there may additional construction costs attached to the job if a dedicated spot needs to be created for the water heater.

The cost is dependant on many factors. If you’re looking for an appraisal to give you an idea, contact us via our website for a free estimate.

If your water heater is malfunctioning and you’re looking for a professional to help with installation and replacement, contact One Shot Water Heaters today. Our team of technicians is highly experienced and knows how to work with a variety of heater options. Additionally, we offer clear price estimates, with no surprise hidden costs.

At One Shot Water Heaters, we understand that your time is valuable. This is why we guarantee that we’ll work to your timeframe as much as possible, so you can go back to having hot water showers before you know it.


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