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Welcome to One Shot Water Heaters of Blue Springs, MO. Serving Blue Springs and the Kansas City area, we’re proud to provide complete heater installation and replacement services. Water heaters typically sit in the background and do their job smoothly and without any issues… until they don’t. Eventually, they break down due to age or wear and tear, and when that happens, your life or business will be disrupted. When that happens, you need a quick heater installation service to get a new one in there and set up ASAP so you can resume normalcy. That’s why One Shot Water Heaters exists. To provide that quick, installation or replacement services you need, at the most affordable price possible, and with the most convenient system possible. Thanks for your interest in One Shot Water Heaters of Blue Springs, MO

Does Your Water Heating Need Replacement? Here's How to Know.

Would you want your water heater producing cold water in the middle of winter? Probably not. A timely replacement of your failing hot water system can save you this trouble. If you are not aware of what signs to look out for, here are the main signs.

Lukewarm Water

Lukewarm water is an early sign that you need to replace your hot water system. Does your water heater take too long to heat water but still ends up giving you lukewarm water? If yes, start budgeting for a new water heater.

Lukewarm water might be a result of sediment build-up around the heating element or an electrical problem.

Popping Sounds

Popping sounds coming from your water heater are a sign that your water heater is close to failing. The popping sounds are usually more noticeable when your heater gets older. They are mainly caused by sediment build-up inside your water tank.

Sediments tend to overwork your water heater. Its energy consumption increases while its efficiency decreases. They also create cracks on your tank, causing it to start leaking.

Flushing your tank may help solve this problem. But if the popping sounds persist, you should replace that water heater.


A leaking tank or dripping pipes is a sign that you should take action. Your plumber may resolve this problem by replacing a valve or tightening the connections. In some instances, the connection might require replacement. A leak may also indicate that your water tank is cracked or corroded. If the tank is damaged, your water heater certainly needs replacement.

The Main Types of Hot Water Heaters.

With the many water heaters available in the market today, you may be uncertain about which model to buy. Below are the main types of hot water heaters, their pros, and their cons.

If you still find it challenging to choose a water heater, feel free to contact us. Our water heater installers expert will help you select a model that is best for your needs and budget.

Gas Water Heaters

Gas water heaters are among the most popular water heater options.


Gas water heaters have lower operating costs compared to electric water heaters. Natural gas is cheaper than electricity.

They have high First Hour Rating values. Therefore, they heat water faster than electric water heaters.


Gas water heaters come at high initial costs. Their installation is also costlier than that of electric and solar water heaters.

Gas water heaters are less environmentally friendly. They release a significant amount of greenhouse gases into the environment.

Electric Hot Water System

Of all water heaters available in the market, electric water heaters are the most affordable options,


Electric water heaters come at lower upfront costs compared to gas and solar water heaters. They are energy efficient; they use most of the energy they receive, ensuring just a minimal portion of it is wasted.

Unlike gas water heaters that regularly produce carbon monoxide, electric water heaters are environmentally friendly.


Electric water heaters are affected by power outages. Their operating costs are also very high; the cost of electricity is higher than that of natural gas.

Tankless Hot Water System

Tankless water heaters are the latest model in the market. They are designed to produce hot water instantly. One Shot Water Heaters is not offering tankless water heater services at the moment.


They save you space. Tankless water heaters don’t come with storage tanks. They are smaller in size and can easily be mounted on walls.


They come at high initial costs. If you are working on a budget, you might want to consider another model.

Not suitable for large families. The absence of a storage tank limits their hot water supply. If your household uses lots of hot water at once, many are the times you’ll run out of hot water.

Why You Should Hire a Professional hot Water Heater Installation Services Blue Springs

If you’re thinking of installing a hot water system on yourself, you may want to reconsider that. Heater installation is not easy. The consequences of a simple mistake can be extremely dangerous. For safety purposes, your heater installation should be handled by a professional. Below are some of the benefits you’ll get by hiring a professional.

Hiring a professional plumber services helps reduce the margin of errors. A water heater is a complex and dangerous unit, and small mistakes can create serious safety issues. Safety standards vary from one type of water heater to another. Professionals are trained to deal with all types of water heaters and know what safety guidelines to follow.

Water heater maintenance requires skills. Handling the project takes time, and trying to do it yourself only consumes your time and energy. Handing over the project to a professional will save you time and allow you to focus on other projects.

Hot water companies have a helpful and responsive online team. Booking their services or paying for the services online is very easy.

Working with a professional gives you peace of mind. When you get a professional to install your water heater, they’ll do it perfectly for the first time. Therefore, you don’t need to stress about re-installations or constant water leak repairs. Connect today with our expert to know more about us and our services!

Factors That Affect Water Heater Services Costs.

Getting a price estimate from your plumber is the best way of determining how much your replacement project will cost. However, it is important to be aware of some of the factors affecting the charges stated on a price estimate.

Type of Water Heater

The type of water you have determines how much you spend replacing it. If you have a tankless water heater, you will spend more on its replacement than you would on a standard tank water heater. The replacement costs for standard water heaters differ too. A gas heater replacement is costlier than an electric heater replacement.

The Location of Your Water Heater.

The location of your water heater affects its replacement. You might be wondering how location and costs are related. Well, the location of your water heater determined how much labor is needed to replace it. The more the labor, the costlier the replacement.

Permit Charges

Most counties require you to have a permit to replace a water heater. The cost of permits depends on factors such as upgrades and the need for on-site inspections.

When you get an estimate for your project, you can ask your plumber if the charges stated include a permit. If yes, you don’t have to worry about it. It means that your plumber had gotten the permit before installing your water heater.

Your water heater is one of the most important appliances in your house. If your water heater is not functioning as it should, our team is here to provide water heater replacement services at reasonable prices.


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Located in Jackson County, Missouri, Blue Springs is one of the largest cities in the Kansas City metropolitan area. The city was initially a stop as settlers migrated westward due to clean water found in the city from a spring of the Little Blue River. It was this spring that gave the city its name, and it was first incorporated in 1860, the fourth settlement in Jackson County to be incorporated. The city was voted one of the 100 Best Places to Live in the United States in 2010 by CNN and Money Magazine. It boasts over 20 city parks and Blue Springs Lake and Lake Jacomo, both of which are located in Fleming Park. Notable people with ties to the city include NFL players Ladell Betts and Donald Stephenson and Olympic athletes Terry Gautreaux, Ivana Hong, and Terin Humphrey.

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Installing a water heater is not really something you can do yourself. You need to have it installed by a professional, and the average cost of such an installation is $950- $1350 for new units. If you want them to also remove your old unit, this will be an additional $100. It is possible that they charge more if you have a lot of room work to do, or if your piping is complicated.
Installing a water heater is not just putting it in and calling it done. You need to hook up the gas or electric lines, so if you live in an area where this is regulated, only a qualified person can do the installation. If you live somewhere else, unqualified people can still do it for you – but if there is a problem with the unit, you will not be covered by warranty. Not to mention the huge risks you take by having someone who does not know what they are doing work on your gas or electric lines. Your water heater becoming over pressurized and exploding, a gas leak, potentially fatal electrical shocks, flooding, etc. are all risks when allowing an amateur to install a water heater that draws significant electrical current or might even use a gas line.
Absolutely not unless you have professional experience with electrical and plumbing work. Most likely you do not have any of this knowledge, so you should hire a professional. Hiring someone to install your water heater is significantly cheaper than replacing it or the entire house if something bad happens because an amateur was trying to do work they are not qualified to do. See above for a list of terrible things that can occur if done by an amateur. There are plenty of DIY projects a homeowner can tackle, but water heater installation is not one of these. The small cost of installation is insignificant compared to the potential costs of attempting something professionals are trained to do.
This distance varies depending on the model of water heater you have, but it needs to stand out at least 1 foot from the wall for access to maintenance. This might not seem like a big deal, but if your water heater is in an awkward spot or has very little space around it, maintaining it can be extremely difficult. Replacing parts, adding insulation, and general cleaning are all much harder tasks if the water heater is crammed up against a wall.
The national average is approximately $950-1500. This price is average and will vary based on your situation and where you live. One Shot Water Heaters is proud to be able to provide 40-gallon electric water heater installations at the extremely affordable price of $875.
The primary professions that install water heaters are plumbers and electricians.
The average price for installation is $950-1500, but this varies based on your region, the type and size of the water heater you want, and the situation.
An electrician is not strictly necessary to install a water heater, but if you live in an area with regulations on who can do the electrical work, you will need a professional. Even if you live in an area with no regulations, we would strongly urge anyone to hire an experienced water heater installation pro to conduct yours for you, electric, gas, tankless, etc. There are very high risks both in the short term and long term when working with any form of electricity and gas connections.
You should not attempt to install a water heater by yourself unless you are experienced in plumbing and electrical work. Attempting to do so can result in numerous issues, ranging from harmless annoyances to bodily harm or home damage. Some of these included your unit becoming over-pressurized, breaking the gas line, shock risk, water leaks due to poor insulation, flooding due. Even hiring a professional does not guarantee a water heater will be properly installed, but it will most likely eliminate almost all of the above risks.
Labor costs for installation will vary based on the type of water heater you want. The national average is $950-1500 including the price of the water heater, but these prices can increase or decrease by region and situation.
The national average for water heater installation is $950-1500, but the price will vary based on your situation and region. One Shot Water Heaters is happy to provide 40-gallon electrical water heater installation at the extremely affordable price of $875!
Do not attempt to install a hot water tank yourself. If you do, there is a high risk of bodily harm and/or property damage due to the dangerous components involved with electricity and gas connections. An alternative option would be hiring someone to do it for you; and you will remove the serious and significant risks involved.
How long it takes to install a water heater will vary depending on the situation. Installation times are typically an hour or two as long as all the parts required for the job are present and there are no unusual circumstances.

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Blue Springs is a city in the U.S. state of Missouri, and it is the county seat of Jackson County. Blue Springs is a city in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area that is located 19 miles east of downtown Kansas City and is the 9th most populous city in the region. The population was 52,575 people according to the 2010 United States Census. The history of Blue Springs is intertwined with the migration of settlers westward on their westward adventure. It was pioneers who discovered the location as an excellent stopover owing to the quantity of cool, pure water from a spring of the Little Blue River – hence the name Blue Springs – which they found to be abundant. Near the location of today’s Burrus Old Mill Park, on Woods Chapel Road, a grist mill and a permanent community were established as a result of the existence of water and a demand for pioneer goods. The incorporation of Blue Springs was approved by the Jackson County Court on September 7, 1880, making the city the fourth settlement in the county, and the first to do so before Kansas City, Missouri. Franklin Smith, a pioneer immigrant from Virginia, arrived in Blue Springs in 1838 and went on to play an important role in the establishment of the city. In 1845, he built the first post office in the area, which he named after the well-known springs. In 1878, the Chicago and Alton Railroad announced intentions to establish a station about a mile east of the original town, allowing the settlement to continue to expand near the springs. In order to take advantage of the increased business that the railroad would bring, the town relocated its center to the location of the new station and continued to flourish as a rural trading hub. The population of Blue Springs was 6,779 people in 1970. Blue Springs, which has a population of more than 54,000 people, is still a growing city today, according to census data. Contact the Blue Springs Historic Preservation Commission if you would want to learn more about the town’s history. The Blue Springs Historical Society is a non-profit 501c3 organization that was founded in 1976 by a group of dedicated volunteers. A significant portion of their time is committed to preserving, promoting, and encouraging an appreciation for Blue Springs’ heritage.

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