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Water heater Installation

You may have at one instance or the other decided to take a warm shower and in this process experienced cold sprouts of water pouring down on you in the process or lacked hot water in your home when needed. All these are symptoms of a faulty hot water system that will require maintenance or a fresh installation. If you are experiencing any of these issues you need to reach out to us through our online platform to book a scheduled visit and one of our skilled plumbers will visit your home for a replacement of your water heating system so you can have access to hot water at your convenience.

One-Shot Water Heaters constantly strives to provide premium home services with a guaranteed sense of satisfaction to all clients by ensuring our skilled technicians perform a stress-free, installation at the best possible prices. We pride ourselves on our dedication to customer satisfaction and carry on our job with great professionalism

Water Heater Installation

We make use of household appliances daily and with time they tend to develop fault whether they are regularly serviced or have not been checked in a long time. This could affect your heating system as well and depend on the type of fault, you may need a new Hot Water Installation.

If you have used your hot water system for over 6 years then it is time to get a fresh installation. This will help prevent unforeseen water damages to your home that may cause huge financial strains and the unavailability of hot water for a while. As such, it is essential to get a new hot water installation for your home after using it for about 6 years to 13 years to ensure you are never without hot water as it helps to stay clean and fresh.

If you are struggling with getting hot water regularly, you should contact One Shot Water Heaters to help you out with your water issues.

Water Heater Replacement

Employing the services of One Shot water heaters for a replacement of your water heater or a fresh install comes with the peace of mind of knowing that your water heating system will serve you for a long time. Our careful installation process ensures we offer our services with due diligence by complying with all regulatory and safety conducts as well as installation guidelines included in the manufacturer’s product manual to keep the validity of the warranty intact.

How to Know when you need to replace your water heater

Several issues begin to arise when you have used your water heater for a while and this may often indicate that you need to get a hot water replacement. Some of these issues are;

Inadequate supply of Hot Water

Insufficient hot water may arise when the heating element of the water heater is damaged or when sand particles block the pathway between the water and heating coil.

Faulty temperature and pressure relief valve

This valve should be checked regularly as this is one of the most sensitive elements on your water heating system. A broken pressure relief valve could cause an explosion in your residential location and would incur a lot of damages.

Unpurified, smelling, or polluted hot water

Impurities often accompany water as they pass through the tanks and when that build up over time, it brings about the discoloration and pungent smells to the water

Leaking or Dripping Tank

A tank leakage is physically evident and replacement should be made once it is noticed.

Popping or banging noises

Sedimentary materials often gets into the water tank and these materials possess insulating elements that prevent the heat source from stopping when the heating compartment is fully heated and as a result, the heating rod loses shape by expanding and contracting. The stress and strain on the metal eventually cause a breakdown of the water storage tank or brings about water hazards to your home.

Rusty or Leaky Connections

Rusting is the corrosive effect of water on the metal tank and asides from getting leaks from the equipment, the water produced may not be entirely safe and as a result, you should get a hot water replacement if noticed.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters as the name implies does not store water in tanks. These types of heaters pass water through heating coils. This reduces energy consumption in the household but more often than not, does not produce as much hot water as needed. This is best when the need for hot water usage is not on the high side. It is also worth noting that they are much more expensive than regular heaters and One-Shot water heaters do not offer tankless installation or replacement services.

Types of Water Heaters

There are several benefits to owning a water heater and with the many different types come to their advantages over the other. Some of them are;

Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters source power from an electric outlet and it operates efficiently by absorbing atmospheric heat and intensifying it. The heat generated is transmitted to a smaller storage unit in the tank where it heats water to be used. The efficiency of the water heater is more noticeable in warmer weather conditions since it relies on the temperature of the environment and in the process consumes lesser energy.

Regular maintenance should be carried out at home on your water heater, such as cleaning out the air filters to keep your hot water running for a long period. You could also drain out the tank to get rid of sediments.

Gas Water Heaters

Gas heaters run on gas, consume less energy than electric heaters, and it is a great way to save some money on bills. This is advantageous in the long run but could be expensive to purchase.

Why Work with One-Shot Water Heaters?

One-Shot water heaters seamless booking system and impressive service delivery has made us the top choice for anyone in the area looking for water heater installation. We’ve experienced speedy growth through commitment towards client satisfaction and stress-free installation. We are available 24/7 for booking and our online system ensures you don’t have to wait over the phone for coordination. Book our service online and one of our technicians will be available in your home at the appointed date and time.

How much do Water Heater Installations and Replacement cost?

One-Shot water heaters only offer replacement services and new installations and the prices of these vary on jobs.

Depending on the service you require from a heater change to a new installation for ongoing construction, One-Shot Water Heaters is your innovative water heater company that provides clients with the utmost comfort, from booking to installation or replacement. No need to wait on long phone calls, you can simply book online, make an appointment, and pay online! Simple, fast, and convenient. Find the best prices with our online booking service!


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