Barry Harbour, Kansas City, MO

Barry Harbour is a neighborhood in Kansas City, MO, and is filled with both upper-middle and lower-class families.

Barry Harbour is famous among Kansas City locals for its collection of sports bars and BBQ Restaurants. The neighborhood is popularly known for its diversity in age groups and cultures.

Even though there are many families that live in Barry Harbour, it is also full of young adults, which makes it feel like an urban place to live.

People who live in this neighborhood enjoy feeling safe on their streets at all times of the day and night. ‘Most of the crime happens in downtown Kansas City,’ according to Pete Albertson, who has lived in Barry Harbour for 16-years.


Barry Harbour got its name from William Barry Sr., who opened a feed and grain silo in the area in the early 1960s. The family believed that due to its location on the Missouri River and access to railroads, this was an ideal place to open up their business: Barry Harbour. Because of this, all of the families that lived in Barry Harbour worked for William Sr.’s company. This is why the area was able to grow and prosper in such a short amount of time.

Barry Harbour, once an industrial area, – where cattle were driven to for slaughter and grain was delivered by train from all parts of the midwest – has become a district full of restaurants. Many people who live in this neighborhood like the fact that there are so many options for entertainment, but at the same time people don’t like how loud it is.

Today Barry Harbour has become a popular place to live due to its proximity to downtown Kansas City and the great selection of restaurants nearby. The population of Barry Harbour has increased rapidly over the past 15 years because there are cute houses, lots of green space, and people have started to discover how close they are to downtown Kansas City. Barry Harbour has unique architecture because some of the older housing is still existing next to newer buildings that have been built more recently.

Notable Places

Pigskin Bar and Grill is the first sports bar in Barry Harbour. The area quickly took to this type of business because everyone was so excited about the new venue. This restaurant offers all of the typical American food, but on game days it also serves pizza, wings, ribs, etc. It’s on the corner of Barry Road and Hale Avenue.

Offering great BBQ dishes, Papa Joe’s is one of the most popular restaurants in the area. Locals come here for both lunch and dinner; it’s very common to get take-out but there are also some tables available to sit at.

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