Broadway Gillham, Kansas City, MO

Broadway Gillham is a neighborhood in Kansas City, MO, and is among the most diverse in the city. Broadway Gillham also has no major shopping within its boundaries, but nearby concentrations of businesses such as the Country Club Plaza and Country Club District support the neighborhood.

Broadway Gillham is bound by State Line Road to the north, Broadway Boulevard to the west, Main Street to the east, and East 46th Street to the south. It borders Columbus Park and West Plaza neighborhoods on its northern and western boundaries and Swope Park on its eastern edge.

With big celebrations for holidays such as Da’wlinz n Deyz, DiKiDo Firdayz & Glow In Da’ Neighborhood, it’s easy to get out and show off your Broadway Gillham style.

Broadway Gillham is home to the Soulard Farmers Market, which operates every Saturday morning during the spring and summer months. The market features fresh produce, meats, bread, flowers, and other goods.

Broadway Gillham is a great place to live if you’re a fan of low crime rates.


The neighborhood’s name comes from an avenue of the same name that was once one of the major thoroughfares in Kansas City.

Today, the avenue is a part of Bruce R. Watkins Drive and goes from the Missouri River to the state line along State Line Road.

Broadway Gillham was developed as a streetcar suburb and became a solid working-class neighborhood by the early 20th century. At that time, it was bounded to the south by East 46th Street (later Truman Road), which ran from Broadway Boulevard to Main Street. Northwest of 46th Street lays another streetcar suburb, West Plaza, which was annexed by the city in 1893.

Historically, Broadway Gillham was heavily Jewish.

The neighborhood’s Jews were part of the second or third wave of immigration to Kansas City, arriving in the 1880s and 1890s (the first wave included Germans who arrived in the 1840s).

Two synagogues served Broadway Gillham, B’nai Jacob synagogue at 6th Street and East 46th Street (built in 1917), and Agudath Achim synagogue at 5th Street and Broadway Boulevard (built in 1913). The latter synagogue remains standing but has been converted to another use.

Notable Places

Swope Park, named for Robert Swope who donated the land for it in 1896 and was later expanded, is a large regional park at the neighborhood’s southern edge. It includes several lakes, recreational facilities, trails, and picnic areas. Other elements of history can even be found in Swope Park such as military trenches from when Missouri considered joining the Confederacy.

Broadway Gillham is also home to the historic Gem Theater and its resident ghost, David Parker. The theater was built in 1924 and is an example of a “silent movie house,” since it does not offer live entertainment in addition to films.

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