Eastwood Hills East, Kansas City, MO

Eastwood Hills East is a neighborhood in Kansas City, MO, and is located near the center of the city. It is bordered by Askew Road to the north, Midtown Street to the south, Woodland Avenue to the west, and Indiana Avenue/US 40 Hwy to the east.

It is composed of homes built in many architectural styles with varying degrees of upkeep and success. Most of the lots are small (20-40 feet) with very few trees left due to storm damage, and predominantly feature chain link fences. Inside the houses, one is likely to encounter plenty of clutter in either half-finished DIY projects or just everyday life.

The Eastwood Hills neighborhood has a very small business district that consists mainly of a convenience store and a beauty salon. The most notable features of the surrounding area are a popular “haunted house” in the basement of an old bank building, a small yet very decorated Christmas light display, and a haunted cemetery.

The community is predominately white with some Asian and Hispanic demographics. It has more than its fair share of vagrants and gang activity is common.

Eastwood Hills East is a beautiful neighborhood with many trees and parks within walking distance from any location in the neighborhood. There are also trails for people who love to hike and bike.


Eastwood Hills East was settled in the mid-to-late 19th century. It was originally known as “The Grove,” but it changed its name to “Eastwood Hills” when a developer bought up large sections of land and began building houses. One business, the “Eastwood Hills General Store” opened up. It was later burned down by arsonists.

As the years went on, Eastwood Hills stayed pretty much the same until 1970 when Interstate 70 was built through it. At this point, many of the older houses were destroyed because they stood in the way of high-speed traffic.

Eastwood Hills East is located on two massive fault lines, the New Madrid Fault Line and the Kansas City Fault Line. Every now and then, someone will notice a slight tremor that doesn’t quite reach an earthquake’s magnitude but still manages to scare many people.

Notable Places

The neighborhood has three parks: “Lil’ Park,” “Baseball Field,” and “Eastwood Hills East.” All of these are located within two blocks of the center hub, which is where most crime occurs.

There are also many houses of worship including the only known Hindu Temple in Kansas City, MO: “Shree Krishna Mandir of Greater Kansas City.” It is located right on the corner of Independence Avenue and Bellview.

The most important landmark of Eastwood Hills East is definitely the one at Northwight Avenue and West 69th Terrace, known as “Cemetery Hill.” A long time ago, it was actually used greatly by people for burial purposes, but currently, there are only a few graves left in the area.

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