Grinter Place State Historic Site, Kansas City, KS

Grinter Place State Historic Site is a neighborhood in Kansas City, KS, and is the site of the final battle in Bleeding Kansas.


Grinter Place was settled by Irish Catholics and named after the O’Grann family, who lived there for around 15 years starting in 1854. The State of Kansas acquired Grinter Place through tax forfeiture proceedings in 1910, but it wasn’t until 1922 that an effort to restore the site was started. Once it became a state historic site in 1960, renovations were undertaken to restore the buildings on the site and reconstruct others that had been lost over time.

Historically, the site is notable because it was the location of the final battle in Bleeding Kansas, which occurred on December 6, 1856.

Notable Places

The Stone House Museum is operated by the Kansas Historical Society and depicts life in pioneer America with exhibits that include weapons, toys, clothing, household items, and tools. There are also temporary exhibits that change throughout the year. The O’Grann family’s home, which was built of limestone and is now known as the Stone House, is also on the property.

Grinter Place State Historic Site is open to visitors seven days a week from 9:00 – 5:00 all year long, except for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day (Nov. 22 and Dec. 25, respectively). Admission is charged for the Stone House Museum.

There is also a gift shop that covers the history of Grinter Place and Kansas, along with products from around the state.

Visitors can eat either at Silversmith’s restaurant or the Black Walnut Cafe on site. Both have a contemporary feel and offer traditional American cuisine as well as a barbeque. Silversmith’s also has patio seating available during warmer months.

Grinter Place has 3 miles of trails for either hiking or biking, with 1 mile of the trail overlapping between the two activities. The site is open to dogs on a leash and also features picnic areas and restrooms.

Other facilities in the neighborhood include a playground, a soccer field, and baseball/softball fields.

Notable Residents

Grinter Place was the home of several notable residents, including John Brown (1800–1859), who led anti-slavery forces in Bleeding Kansas and later became known for his role in leading pro-slavery forces at the Battle of Black Jack.

William Quantrill (1837–1865) also lived at Grinter Place prior to the Battle of Black Jack and later returned for a time after the battle.

Henry Thompson (1830–1917) lived there as well; he was one of few non-combatants in Bleeding Kansas and later became known as ” The Man Who Stayed at Home “.

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