North Town Fork Creek, Kansas City, MO

North Town Fork Creek is a neighborhood in Kansas City, MO, and is divided into two main areas. The first area, commonly referred to as Lower North Town Fork Creek (NTFKC), begins at Red Bridge Road and extends north covering all streets below 58th Street. This area is relatively new; it was annexed by the City of Kansas City, MO in 1978.

The second area, commonly referred to as Upper North Town Fork Creek (NTFKC), begins at 58th Street and extends north covering all streets above 59th Street. This area is a little older; it was annexed by the City of Kansas City, MO in 1959. The neighborhood has a reputation for being a place where time stands still. Well-kept homes and quiet streets give the impression of a time when things were simpler.

North Town Fork Creek is described by Wikipedia to be primarily a family-oriented community, making it an ideal place to raise children. It has one elementary school: John Young Elementary School and two middle schools: Longan Junior High School and Ruskin Junior High School (formerly Ruskin Middle School). It is served by the Hickman Mills C-1 School District, and it has an active homeowners association, North Town Fork Creek Community Association. The community also has a park called Northtown Park that features a lake and walking trails among other amenities.

The neighborhood is bounded by the following streets:

Red Bridge Road to the west, State Line Road to the east, Blue Ridge Boulevard to the south, and Paseo Blvd to the north.

Sedgwick is one of North Town Fork Creek’s main streets. It runs roughly through its center from Red Bridge Rd in the West to approximately 58th street in the East. It intersects with Blue Ridge Blvd.

Notable Places

Notable landmarks in North Town Fork Creek include:

  1. Ruskin Bridge: This is the only bridge in North Town Fork Creek linking Kansas City, MO with unincorporated Platte County, MO. It is named after John T. Ruskin (1819-1900). John T. Ruskin was a pioneer lawyer and political leader in Platte County, MO.
  2. Northtown Park: This park is located at 10th and Beverly Dr., and it consists of a lake, walking paths, multiple playgrounds, picnic areas, and more. Northtown Park is home to North Town Fork Creek’s only public boat launch. This means that residents of NTFKC can legally take their boats down the Missouri River and Lake Arrowhead without needing to drive through Kansas City.
  3. Ruskin Junior High: This school is no longer in use as a traditional public school but it has been converted into Ruskin Place, a mixed-income housing complex.
  4. Ruskin Community Center: This community center was named in honor of John T. Ruskin in recognition of his contributions to Platte County, MO.

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