Squier Park, Kansas City, MO

Squier Park is a neighborhood in Kansas City, MO, and is also known as “Squier.”

Squier Park is located in the western part of Kansas City on the edge of Wyandotte County. It borders Villages at Venue on its north side, and Chouteau Trafficway and Midtown Boulevard to its east and south respectively.

The neighborhood is situated along a large valley between two hills. There are three main roads that run through the neighborhood: Armour Road, Indiana Avenue, and West 39th Street. Both of these first two roads intersect with 39th St at the bottom of the hill marking the southern boundary of Squier Park.

Squier Park is famous for the beautiful garden homes that were built along its hills in the 1920s. The neighborhood has a rich past including being used for pig farming in the early 20th century and housing German troops during World War II.


In 1929 Louisville & Nashville Railroad commissioned the creation of a new substation. To construct the substation they moved some of Squier Park’s streets around and gave it its unique street pattern.

The neighborhood is named after Colonel Edward M. Squire who was on the board of directors for the KCTR radio station. The first home built in the area was on 36th Street in 1910 by Dr. W.A. Northcutt, a local businessman who also owned an amusement park in the area that was home to the Kansas City Monarchs, a Negro League Baseball team. Squier Park is now mainly occupied by black and Hispanic families and immigrants from Mexico and Central America. The neighborhood has gone through some renovation in recent years.

Notable Places

The landmarks in Squier Park include the Wyandotte County Courthouse, Squier Park Community Center, and West Terrace Park.

The community center has a fenced-in playground for children to play on as well as two picnic tables at its front entrance available for the public to use. One of the more notable features of the community center is several murals that were painted on the building’s exterior by members of the Squier Park Community Arts Council.

It also has a large meeting hall with a kitchen that is available for use by the public. The community center also hosts many after-school programs and summer camps for children such as chess club, dance, sports, and cheerleading.

It also gives them opportunities to broaden their horizons and learn new skills such as robotics and cooking classes.

The West Terrace Park is located on the southern end of the neighborhood and offers a baseball diamond, basketball court, and playground. It also has a public pool that people can use for a small fee. The park was recently reconstructed with new equipment such as larger slides and swings.

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