Terrace Lake Gardens, Kansas City, MO

Terrace Lake Gardens is a neighborhood in Kansas City, MO, and is home to many historic homes and structures.

Terrace Lake Gardens is a subdivision of Kansas City, MO, and was built in the early 20th century. The neighborhood has nearly all homes that were built prior to 1920 (Smith).

Furthermore, Terrace Lake Gardens is also one of several neighborhoods with Tudor-style homes in the city. The architecture in Terrace Lake Gardens is significant to the history of Kansas City because the neighborhood represents several eras of development and construction.

Some of the homes in this area were built when Kansas City was much smaller than it currently is, which makes them interesting artifacts. Furthermore, many Northwest neighborhoods are architecturally significant because of their “physical and spatial diversity”


Kansas City is a relatively young city and was founded in the year 1838. Before this time, there were no settlements at all within Missouri. Although it has not been recreated yet, we know that the land on which Kansas City stands was once occupied by either Native Americans or buffalo.

Historically, Terrace Lake Gardens was constructed on the “flood plain of Shoal Creek” (1726-1900). This creek used to frequently flood, so all the homes were built with high foundations. However, after a major rerouting of Shoal Creek, flooding ceased to be an issue for Terrace Lake Gardens residents.

Notable Places

One of the most notable structures in Terrace Lake Gardens is The Country Club Plaza. The Country Club Plaza, which was formerly known as the Kansas City Country Club Plaza or simply The Plaza, was designed by architect Henry Trost in 1921. The plaza was built to provide a shopping environment for country club members outside of the clubhouse. Furthermore, Trost also began designing homes in the 1920s in the Terrace Lake Gardens area.

Besides homes and mansions, Terrace Lake Gardens is also known for its many statues. The neighborhood’s “most interesting feature” is its well-maintained art objects, which include “lions, fountains, urns, and figurines”. The statues are part of Trost’s original design for the Country Club Plaza, which he wanted to include “streamlined ornamental ironwork with patent-leather backgrounds”.

Notable Residents

Terrace Lake Gardens was home to many prominent people throughout its history. For example, Katherine Barrell, who lived in Terrace Lake Gardens, was the personal secretary for Harry Truman. Furthermore, Missouri Governor Forrest Smith lived in this subdivision until his death.

Also, John Rogers (journalist) was a well-known resident of Terrace Lake Gardens. He is famous for his “weekly column in The Kansas City Star”, and he also served as the president of the Board of Education. Rogers’ home.

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