J C Nichols Memorial Fountain

J C Nichols Memorial Fountain, in Kansas City, is one of the city’s most iconic features. A single jet in the center of a circular pool flows in an unbroken stream to a height of over 50 feet. The fountain is located within Loose Park, at about 78th Street and Wornall Road on 53 acres of land donated by Nichols to the City of Kansas City in 1913.

The memorial fountain is a gift from Kansas City businessman J.C. Nichols in memory of his wife, Nelle Brockman Nichols. The final cost of the construction was $282,000 and it was completed in 1925. At the time, the fountain was called The Great White Fountain because it used 284 pounds of white bronze. According to Nichols’ obituary in “The Kansas City Star”:

A memorial service was held at the site on July 26, 1953, and attended by an estimated 3,000 people. Mrs. Nichols died in the fall of 1949, and according to her wishes, had been cremated with her ashes placed in a crypt at Elmwood Cemetery. At this service, the J C Nichols Company announced that it would pay for the refurbishment and maintenance of the fountain. The memorial fountain was not turned on again until 1955 because of extensive wear from weather and vandalism.

Although Nichols’ original gift provided for the maintenance of the fountain, it did not specify how this was to be accomplished. The city paid for care until 1973 when another agreement between the city and J C Nichols Company resulted in a joint partnership for future upkeep. In 1982, because of storm damage and wear from weather, complete refurbishing of the fountain was undertaken.

According to “The Kansas City Star” obituary for Nichols, “In 1953, The J C Nichols Company gave the city $100,000 in trust with an annual income of $5,000 toward maintenance and upkeep.” An article by Joseph Harp that appeared in the February 16th edition of the “Kansas City Star” stated that “Nichols’ will call for a trust, now worth $20 million, to provide $100,000 yearly for maintenance and upkeep.”

The fountain is known for its large, single jet and has been recognized as one of the best-known fountain designs in the world. The memorial was described by “The New York Times” in 1924 as “among the seven wonders of Kansas City.”

Today, Nichols Fountain is a site that attracts visitors from around the world and is considered an important part of Loose Park and Kansas City’s history.

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