Museum at Prairiefire

Museum at Prairiefire is a museum that is located in Overland Park, KS at La Charette Shopping Center on 135th and Marty. The museum contains various forms of art created by local artists. 

The Museum was proposed by the Art League of Johnson County Board in December 2012. The new building has been open since September 2015, while still under construction. It is located at the same spot as the previous location, but with increased space.

The Museum at Prairiefire is famous for displaying artwork from local artists, such as glassblowing and pottery. The museum provides a unique experience for the public to interact with art in a different way than they may be used to.

“We see so many people here who tell us ‘This is the only chance we ever get to touch the art!'” said Mary Anne Scott, Executive Director of the Art League of Johnson County.

Since Museum at Prairiefire is an art museum, they do not have any pieces in their building that are for purchase. However, they give many opportunities to see and experience art by having different events throughout the year. 

“All the galleries are free,” Mary Anne Scott said, “and we have an active schedule.”

The Museum at Prairiefire has several different types of art exhibitions. They have monthly exhibits, which are themed to relate with the season or time of year. The museum also hosts events throughout the year, including First Friday each month and ArtExpo Kansas City in April. 

Near the Museum at

 Prairiefire is a sculpture garden that has many different pieces in it. The garden is open to the public and people can go in whenever they want.

The Museum at Prairiefire also hosts events, such as the Charles Wustum Art Show in May and First Friday events in April, September, and December.  

The museum at Prairiefire has monthly themed exhibits in different galleries throughout the year. The theme for August was “Families,” and it displayed art that depicted family life. 

Since Museum at Prairiefire does not have any pieces for sale, they give many opportunities to see and experience art by having events throughout the year. 

Mary Anne Scott is the Executive Director of the Art League of Johnson County and has done a lot to help with the building and organization of the Museum at Prairiefire. 

There are many galleries in Museum at Prairiefire, such as Painting & Drawing, Photography, Pottery/Ceramics, Glass Blowing, and Jewelry & Metals.

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