SEA LIFE Kansas City

SEA LIFE Kansas City is a location inside the Crown Center Shops, a shopping center in Kansas City. The aquarium is an ocean-themed exhibit filled with various types of sea creatures including jellyfish, sharks, and stingrays.

SEA LIFE exhibits jellyfish because they are “creatures that need to be seen to be believed.” The facility houses thousands of jellyfish. All jellyfish reside behind six panes of glass, which are cleaned every night through the use of robots. Some jellyfish at SEA LIFE Kansas City glow in the dark and change colors throughout their lives. 

The aquarium includes a stingray touch tank, in which visitors can touch and feed the animals. The tank is filled with about 1 million gallons of saltwater. The rays range from a few inches to a few feet long. A diver is in the tank at all times in case an animal needs veterinary care. The average lifespan of a stingray is 30 years. SEA LIFE’s stingrays are kept in freshwater, which at 72 degrees Fahrenheit simulates their natural environment.

SEA LIFE Kansas City also offers two exhibits called “Shark Quest” and “Wild Reef”. Shark Quest allows visitors to view fish, sharks, and rays from the safety of a glass tunnel. The exhibit is home to over 30 different types of sharks and stingrays. Wild Reef houses denizens of the deep, including scorpionfish, moray eels, clownfish, and sea stars.

SEA LIFE Kansas City also houses sharks, stingrays, horseshoe crabs, and seahorses, including a feature called “Critter Connections,” where guests can touch horseshoe crabs and seahorses.

With more than 16,000 visitors since its opening, SEA LIFE Kansas City has created an eco-friendly environment that helps support the ocean’s ecosystems. The aquarium uses 100 percent renewable energy and provides various educational opportunities to community members for both adults and children.

Reasons to Visit SEA LIFE Include:

– The ability to discover sea creatures up close and personal, including stingrays

– Touching horseshoe crabs and seahorses at Critter Connections

– Opportunities to learn about the ocean’s ecosystems and how we can protect them through hands-on activities

– Being able to see jellyfish glow in the dark

– The aquarium’s eco-friendly elements, including 100 percent renewable energy and the use of robots to clean and maintain jellyfish tanks throughout the night

– An exhibit filled with sharks from different parts of the world

In Conclusion, SEA LIFE Kansas City is an amazing aquarium inside the Crown Center Shops that houses thousands of jellyfish, stingrays, and other sea creatures. The facility puts a strong emphasis on conservation and ocean ecosystems through hands-on activities for both kids and adults.

Driving Direction To One Shot Water Heaters of  Kansas City, MO:

One Shot Water Heaters of Kansas City is located at 4102 N Harrison Ave, Kansas City, MO 64116. From SEA LIFE Kansas City, Head north on Grand Blvd toward E Pershing Rd, Turn right onto E 22nd St, Turn left to merge onto US-71 N. Merge onto US-71 N, Continue straight to stay on US-71 N, Merge onto I-70 W/US-71 N, Continue onto US-71 N (signs for I-29 N/I-35 N/Saint Joseph/Des Moines), Continue onto I-29 N/I-35 N/US-71 N, Take exit 8A for Parvin Rd. Turn left onto NE Parvin Rd, Turn left onto N Harrison Ave, Congrats! you have now reached your destination.


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