The Kansas City Zoo

The Kansas City Zoo, located at 6800 Zoo Drive, Kansas City, MO 64132-1711, is a private non-profit organization and accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) is operated in agreement with the Board of Parks Commissioners for its funding. The zoological district partially funds it as well; however, these days, most contribute through donations which allow them to offer various programs at no cost or low cost like educational talks about animal welfare practices, among many other things.

Zoological parks like Kansas City Zoo, together with museums and libraries, are a crucial part of our culture. They provide the opportunity for visitors to step back in time by looking at animals that have been long extinct or no longer exist on Earth today.

The Kansas City Zoo has been able to create lifelong memories with its visitors by incorporating conservation discussions in every visit. A family’s day at the zoo includes learning about environmental issues and brainstorming potential solutions while visiting creatures that can’t be found anywhere else.

This zoo is a great place for family bonding and environmental education. The staff at this institution bring visitors closer to animals through their unique ability to organize conservation discussions, which help transmit information between generations while brainstorming potential solutions that could be taken up by our governments or communities around the world.

The KS City Zoo is one of the top 60 zoos in America, and its African animals’ exhibit has been ranked No. 1 (in 2008) by renowned ape expert Jane Goodall for having a “fine chimpanzee display.” In addition, they were also recognized as among the 10 best Australian exhibits, with their Kangaroo enclosure standing out at number five on this list.

This zoo is home to many different animals, but it’s not just about mammals. In addition to regular exhibits, you can also find a Sea Lion Show and Keeper Chats, where staff members talk with guests about their careers at this amazing zoo. Besides, the Kansas City Zoo is a place where visitors can experience the thrill of animal encounters, see rare hoofstock like zebras and giraffes up close, all while learning about them from an educator guide. It’s not just any old zoo; it has many unique features that make your visit worthwhile.

This 202-acre nature sanctuary serves as an important resource in our region for bringing urban and suburban families into touch with diverse habitats. It offers visitors something different every day–something new to enjoy, whether it’s animal encounters or educational programs. The experience at this zoo provides people of all ages the chance to connect viscerally through their five senses – sight, sound, smell(including food), taste/touch (discovering foods native only around here!).

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MO, Kansas

One Shot Water Heaters of Kansas City

Driving Direction To One Shot Water Heaters of  Kansas City, MO:

One Shot Water Heaters of Kansas City is located at 4102 N Harrison Ave, Kansas City, MO 64116. From The Kansas City Zoo, Head southwest toward Zoo Dr, then turn right onto Zoo Dr, go right onto Starlight Rd, then continue onto Yates Dr/Zoo Dr, take another left onto E 63rd St/E 63rd Street Traficway, Continue to follow E 63rd St, then turn right to merge onto US-71 N. Now go left to stay on US-71 N, Keep driving straight to stay on US-71 N, now merge onto I-70 W/US-71 N, then continue onto US-71 N (signs for I-29 N/I-35 N/Saint Joseph/Des Moines), keep moving onto I-29 N/I-35 N/US-71 N, now take exit 8A for Parvin Rd. Time to turn left onto NE Parvin Rd, now take another left onto N Harrison Ave, Hence, you have now arrived at your destination.


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