Worlds of Fun

Worlds of Fun is a theme park which is located near Kansas City, Missouri. Worlds of Fun is owned by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company and includes a water park called Oceans of Fun. Prominent attractions at Worlds of Fun include. 

History of Worlds of Fun

The history of Worlds of Fun theme-park is an interesting one. It was founded in 1973 by the MCA Corporation. The park was known as “Marine World” until 1982 when it was renamed Worlds of Fun in order to match the new water-park that had just been built next door which was named Oceans of Fun. 

Park locations

There are currently 3 Worlds of Fun locations. One location is located in Ohio, another in California and the third location is in Missouri.

Most prominent attractions at Worlds of Fun

Some most popular rides include: 

– Possessed – A stand-up roller coaster based on a haunted house theme. It was built by Arrow Dynamics in 1993. This ride has sped up to 50 miles per hour with 4 loops. 

– Boomerang – A roller coaster that was built in 1990 by Vekoma. This ride is a boomerang style roller coaster where riders are able to flip 3 times during the course of this ride. 

– Villain – Another stand-up roller coaster is located in Oceans of Fun waterpark. It flips riders 3 times in a single ride. The Villain was built in 1996 by Vekoma 

Adding to its popularity is the fact that Worlds of Fun hosts an annual event called “Howl-o-Scream”. This is a haunted house-themed event that also includes live entertainment with attractions during the course of this event. 

If you like theme parks you will love Worlds of Fun! 

Places to Eat Near Worlds of Fun

If you’re looking to find a good place for a quick bite of food before or after going on rides at Worlds of Fun, then there are some great places that have been reviewed by the public.

– Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que is a local favorite where visitors can enjoy slow-cooked barbeque ribs and other meat-related items. This is also a favorite place of the American Royal barbecue contest Winner’s Circle.

– The Wrangler Western Grill has excellent reviews because visitors can enjoy delicious steaks, burgers, and other meat-related dishes that will not only please your taste buds but won’t spoil your appetite for more riding at Worlds of Fun. 

In summary,  if you’re looking for a good place to visit that will include great rides, shows, and atmosphere then Worlds of Fun Theme Park is a great option.

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Kansas City, Missouri

One Shot Water Heaters of Kansas City

Driving Direction To One Shot Water Heaters of  Kansas City, MO:

One Shot Water Heaters of Kansas City is located at 4102 N Harrison Ave, Kansas City, MO 64116. From Worlds of Fun, Head southwest, then turn left, then turn to the right, then take a left, keep driving straight for few miles. Then turn right onto Worlds of Fun Ave, now turn left onto NE 48th St, then turn right onto N Brighton Ave. Now turn left onto N Winn Rd, Take the ramp on the left onto I-35 S. Time to merge onto I-35 S, Take exit 8A toward NE Parvin Rd, then turn left onto NE Parvin Rd. Time to go left onto N Harrison Ave. Thus, you will arrive at your destination i.e. One Shot Water Heaters.


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