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Welcome to One Shot Hot Water Heater companies in Leavenworth, Kansas. Serving hot water heater installation in Leavenworth and the broader Kansas City metropolitan area, One Shot Leavenworth water heater companies is proud to provide complete water heater installation and replacement services. Water heaters usually just sit in the background and do their job smoothly and without any issues… until they don’t. At some point, they will break down due to age or wear and tear, and when that happens, your life or business will be disrupted. When that happens, you need a quick water heater installation service to get a new one in there and set up ASAP so you can resume normalcy. That’s why One Shot hot water heater companies in Leavenworth exists. To provide that quick, installation or Leavenworth water heater replacement you need, at the most affordable price possible, and with the most convenient system possible. Thanks for your interest in One Shot Water Heaters of Leavenworth!

Signs That You Need to Replace Your Water Heater

Leaking Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve

The Temperature and Pressure valve in your water heater is essential. It regulates pressure and temperatures inside the water tank. If you notice any leaks on your T&P valve, contact water heater service in Leavenworth today for plumber to get the water heater replaced.

A leaking T&P valve is a sign it is unable to handle the pressure in the tank. If your water heater has a faulty valve, it might explode.

Popping Noises

If you don’t perform the recommended maintenance routines on your hot water heater, it won’t be long before you replace it. Water heaters require regular flushing of the water tank. Overlooking this important routine results in sediment build-up in the tank. The sediments act as insulation between the heating element and the water.

Sediments also clog the Temperature & Pressure valve. When the T&P valve is unable to relieve high pressure or temperature, your water heater might explode.

Cold Water

A broken heating element can result in a water heater producing cold water. Your plumber can fix this problem by replacing the heating element. However, if your water tank is older than eight years, a replacement is more suitable.

Types of Water Heaters

Choosing the right water heater for your household can be quite challenging. There are several factors to consider when choosing a water heater. The major factors should be energy efficiency and cost. Below are the main types of water heaters and their features. These features should be able to help you make an informed decision.

Gas Water Heaters

Gas water heater come with large storage tanks. To provide your household with ample hot water, you’ll need a slightly bigger tank. Therefore, if you have a large household or have a high demand for hot water, a gas water heater will be a great choice.

The Gas water heater installation and gas water heater replacement cost is higher than that of electric water heaters. That should not prevent you from buying one, though. Natural gas is cheap and also readily available in most areas. Therefore, the operation price of gas heaters is lower than that of electric water heaters.

Gas heaters work faster than electric water heaters. They also tend to recover faster than their electric counterparts.

The major disadvantage of these water heaters is increased energy loss. They tend to suffer more heat loss from exhaust gases.

Tankless Hot Water Systems

Tankless water heaters are much smaller than the standard tanks since they don’t come with storage tanks. Tankless are made of electric coils that heat water instantly.

In tankless, The instant heating of water eliminates standby energy losses. Tankless hot water heater replacement in Leavenworth are said to be 24% more energy efficient than standard tank water heaters.

Tankless water heater have lower operating costs compared to standard tank water heaters. According to the U.S Department of Energy, tankless water heater can save you more than $100 in energy costs yearly compared to their standard tank counterparts.

Tankless water heaters come with very minimal maintenance requirements. Tankless water heaters don’t require any annual flushing. tankless heaters is pretty easy to maintain

One Shot Water Heaters has not yet started providing tankless hot water heaters installation services.

Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heater installation and electric water heater replacement cost less to purchase compared to gas heaters. The cost of operating one is, however, higher due to the high costs of electricity.

These water heater have just a few parts, which makes their installation process very easy. An electric water heater is more energy-efficient compared to a gas water heater. They are also environmentally friendly.

An electric water heater is pretty easy to maintain. You should, however, ensure that your water tanks get flushed annually.

Why You Shouldn't Install a Heater Yourself

If you’re thinking of purchasing a water heater and installing it yourself, remember that the process is no average Do It Yourself project. You must have electrical, plumbing, and even carpentry skills. You should also be familiar with local building codes.

Below are even more reasons why you shouldn’t install a water heater yourself.

Saves Time

Hot water is essential for every household. When your water heater is faulty, you’d want it fixed as soon as possible. Fixing it yourself might take you forever, especially if you don’t have the necessary skills. To save time, you should leave Leavenworth water heater installation projects to the professionals.

Stress-free services

Professional Leavenworth hot water heater replacement services provide you with peace of mind. They handle their installations correctly the first time. A correctly installed water heater spares you the trouble of repairing the appliance right after its installation.

Fast Online Services.

Leavenworth water heater service have online websites that are managed by helpful and friendly staff. Their communication is great, and booking appointments is pretty fast.


Failing to observe the local codes can expose you to physical and legal risks. Incidences like water heater explosions can be deadly. You can avoid such a catastrophe by hiring a professional to replace your faulty water heater.

Also, when you hire a hot water company to maintain your hot water heater installation in Leavenworth KS system, they take up any risks that come with it. They even have insurance plans to cover these risks. Trying to perform unpermitted work poses safety concerns for you and your household.

How Much Does a Water Heater Installation Cost in leavenworth kansas?

Leavenworth water heater companies offer their customers customized price estimates. Several factors determine how much your plumber charges you for the project. Below are some of those factors

The Location of Your Water Heater.

How accessible is your water heater? The more accessible the appliance is; the fewer labor charges you incur. If your water heater is located in hard to reach parts of your home, such as the basement, your project will likely cost you more.

Additional Costs

After a replacement, your old water heater will need to be disposed. If these charges are not included in your estimate, you will need to hire a disposal company to collect the old water heater.

Type of Water Heater

There are a wide variety of water heaters to choose from in the markets. The costs for all these models vary. Therefore, the charges stated in your estimate greatly depend on the initial cost of the water heater.

If you choose a tankless hot water system, the installation & replacement charges will be higher than a standard water tank. Also, if you are choosing between a gas water heater and an electric one, the gas water heater will cost you more.

The amount you spend on replacement depends on the amount and nature of work involved. The more the work, the higher the replacement charges. Connect with us today to know more about us.


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Leavenworth is the county seat of Leavenworth County, Kansas, and is part of the Kansas City metropolitan area. Located on the bank of the Missouri River, it is the location of Fort Leavenworth and named after the fort, which was built nearly 30 years before the city was founded in 1854. The city was the first to be incorporated in the state of Kansas and was a major supply base for settlers as they settled the American West. Kansas was a Union state during the Civil War and the city played a major role as a place for African-American refugee slaves seeking freedom to settle in. Today, the city is home to the Richard Allen Cultural Center and Museum, the C.W. Parker Carousel Museum, and a 28-block historic shopping district.

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Installing a water heater is not really something you can do yourself. You need to have it installed by a professional, and the average cost of such an installation is $950- $1350 for new units. If you want them to also remove your old unit, this will be an additional $100. It is possible that they charge more if you have a lot of room work to do, or if your piping is complicated.
Installing a water heater is not just putting it in and calling it done. You need to hook up the gas or electric lines, so if you live in an area where this is regulated, only a qualified person can do the installation. If you live somewhere else, unqualified people can still do it for you – but if there is a problem with the unit, you will not be covered by warranty. Not to mention the huge risks you take by having someone who does not know what they are doing work on your gas or electric lines. Your water heater becoming over pressurized and exploding, a gas leak, potentially fatal electrical shocks, flooding, etc. are all risks when allowing an amateur to install a water heater that draws significant electrical current or might even use a gas line.
Absolutely not unless you have professional experience with electrical and plumbing work. Most likely you do not have any of this knowledge, so you should hire a professional. Hiring someone to install your water heater is significantly cheaper than replacing it or the entire house if something bad happens because an amateur was trying to do work they are not qualified to do. See above for a list of terrible things that can occur if done by an amateur. There are plenty of DIY projects a homeowner can tackle, but water heater installation is not one of these. The small cost of installation is insignificant compared to the potential costs of attempting something professionals are trained to do.
This distance varies depending on the model of water heater you have, but it needs to stand out at least 1 foot from the wall for access to maintenance. This might not seem like a big deal, but if your water heater is in an awkward spot or has very little space around it, maintaining it can be extremely difficult. Replacing parts, adding insulation, and general cleaning are all much harder tasks if the water heater is crammed up against a wall.
The national average is approximately $950-1500. This price is average and will vary based on your situation and where you live. One Shot Water Heaters is proud to be able to provide 40-gallon electric water heater installations at the extremely affordable price of $875.
The primary professions that install water heaters are plumbers and electricians.
The average price for installation is $950-1500, but this varies based on your region, the type and size of the water heater you want, and the situation.
An electrician is not strictly necessary to install a water heater, but if you live in an area with regulations on who can do the electrical work, you will need a professional. Even if you live in an area with no regulations, we would strongly urge anyone to hire an experienced water heater installation pro to conduct yours for you, electric, gas, tankless, etc. There are very high risks both in the short term and long term when working with any form of electricity and gas connections.
You should not attempt to install a water heater by yourself unless you are experienced in plumbing and electrical work. Attempting to do so can result in numerous issues, ranging from harmless annoyances to bodily harm or home damage. Some of these included your unit becoming over-pressurized, breaking the gas line, shock risk, water leaks due to poor insulation, flooding due. Even hiring a professional does not guarantee a water heater will be properly installed, but it will most likely eliminate almost all of the above risks.
Labor costs for installation will vary based on the type of water heater you want. The national average is $950-1500 including the price of the water heater, but these prices can increase or decrease by region and situation.
The national average for water heater installation is $950-1500, but the price will vary based on your situation and region. One Shot Water Heaters is happy to provide 40-gallon electrical water heater installation at the extremely affordable price of $875!
Do not attempt to install a hot water tank yourself. If you do, there is a high risk of bodily harm and/or property damage due to the dangerous components involved with electricity and gas connections. An alternative option would be hiring someone to do it for you; and you will remove the serious and significant risks involved.
How long it takes to install a water heater will vary depending on the situation. Installation times are typically an hour or two as long as all the parts required for the job are present and there are no unusual circumstances.

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Keep in mind that Leavenworth is the county seat of Leavenworth County, Kansas, and that it is a component of the greater Kansas City metro region. Located on the Missouri River’s bank, Fort Leavenworth is the site of the city’s founding in 1854 and was named after the fort, which was completed about 30 years before to that date. The city was the first to be organized in the state of Kansas, and it served as a key supply depot for settlers as they moved westward over the American continent. During the Civil War, Kansas was a Union state, and the city played a significant role as a destination for African-American refugee slaves seeking freedom to establish themselves. As of today, the city is home to the Richard Allen Cultural Center and Museum, as well as the C.W. Parker Carousel Museum and a historic retail area that spans 28 blocks. Fort Leavenworth was established on the cliffs of the Missouri River in 1827 by Colonel Henry Leavenworth and his family. It was throughout the following few decades that Fort Leavenworth played an essential role in maintaining peace between the different Indian tribes and the growing number of settlers who were making their way west. As early as the 1840s, travelers were making their way to Oregon and California, and hundreds of wagons passed through Fort Leavenworth on their route to the Santa Fe and Oregon Trails, among other destinations. General William T. Sherman established on the grounds of Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, the institution that would eventually become the United States Army Command and General Staff College. A few of the many renowned students and teachers at the institution included George C. Marshall, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Douglas MacArthur, General George Patton, and Colin Powell, to name a few names. In Leavenworth, you can immerse yourself in history! Our city, which was once known as the “Gateway to the West,” was formed in 1854, making it the state’s oldest municipality. You will find something to love in this ancient city, whether you are here for a family vacation or you are in town on business. There are a plethora of entertaining and thrilling family-friendly alternatives. We recommend bringing the kids for a trip on the handmade C.W. Parker Carousel or spending the day at the Frontier Army Museum on Fort Leavenworth, which is loaded with historical artifacts. If the weather is favorable, take a stroll down the Missouri River to Leavenworth Landing and watch the sunset while enjoying the scenery.

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