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Unusual cold sprouts of water hitting your skin while taking a warm shower or irregular availability of hot water are possible indications that your Warrensburg water heater may need repairs or may ultimately have to be replaced. If any of these situations listed above seem relatable, then contact us using our online booking system, and one of our professional, and skilled plumbing technicians will visit your home for a stress free installation of a new heater to get your hot water running again.

Our skilled professionals at One-Shot Water Heaters are constantly striving to provide to our present and potential clients nothing short of the best in terms of home services and our winning mentality along with a dedication towards customer satisfaction ensures we offer you a premium service at the most affordable rate.

Water Heater Installation

As with all major appliances used daily, your water heater may break down eventually regardless of whether it is serviced regularly and at a point may even need a new installation water heater. The average lifespan for most water heaters is between 6 and 13 years.

This is a vital piece of information to protect your home and if left alone, you risk water damage to your home or commercial location and you’ll be left without hot water access. These are the reasons why a faulty water heater is a serious plumbing crisis as we all need a functioning water heater to bathe properly and stay fresh.

If you are lacking a constant supply of hot water, it is best to contact One Shot Water Heaters to get your hot water running again.

Water Heater

When you rely on One Shot Water Heaters to replace your faulty water heater, you can rest assured of getting a quality water heater replacement service without worry about your water heater breaking down in the nearest future. Our attention to detail and dedication towards quality service delivery ensures that the task is completed in alliance with all local safety protocols and safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer in the instruction manual which helps to keep the warranty valid.

How to Know when you need to replace your water heater

There are several indications to look out for, that will let you know when there’s a need for a Hot water heater replacement; some of these signs are;

Inadequate quantity of Hot Water; this problem is usually caused by a faulty heat source or sedimentary particles in the base of the tank. These particles build up over time and block the pathway between the water and the element.

Unpurified, smelling, or polluted hot water: Mineral elements often pass through water tanks and stick there which produces a foul smell over time and may often discolor the water

Popping or banging noises: another problem caused by mineral sediments. These substances possess insulating properties that ensure the heat source continuously runs, the heat generated overheats the metal that causes it to expand and contract. The stress and strain on the metal causes the water heater tank to stop working or lead to intense water damage.

Rusty or Leaky Connections: this is a natural phenomenon that is brought about by the corrosiveness of water on metal and this is a good sign you may need a new hot water heater.

Leaking or Dripping Tank: This means you need a replacement immediately

Faulty temperature and pressure relief valve: This is one issue that shouldn’t be handled with levity. A fault in this device could cause an explosion which could pose serious damages to your home. As such

Types of Water Heaters

Water heaters come in a lot of variances with each one having its advantages as well as disadvantages. Some of them are;

Electric Water Heaters

This type of water heater runs on electricity and it works by drawing heat from the atmosphere and amplifying it. The heat is then transferred to a smaller storage compartment of the water tank. Since the electric water heater relies on the atmosphere to generate heat, it works efficiently when the weather is quite hot and this allows the heating system to draw lesser energy than the conventional designs we see.

To ensure that your water heater operates optimally for a long time, it is necessary to clean out the air filters. Other regular maintenance procedures applied to standard electric heaters can also be used.

Gas Water Heaters

Gas heaters run on gas, use lesser energy consumption than electric, and are more cost-efficient. While all these look like plausible reasons to get a gas heater you should also note that they may be much more expensive than their electric heaters.

Tankless Water Heaters

Instead of keeping water in a minimal storage compartment, the Tankless Hot water heater system works by extracting water with a heating coil when needed. They ensure an increase in energy efficiency but one of its downsides is that there is a limited supply of hot water. It is best used when there isn’t a need for the constant running of hot water as it would be when running a shower.

While tankless water heaters are great to have, One Shot Water Heater does not offer tankless water heater installation or replacement. Clients should also note that these kinds of heaters are typically more expensive to install than standard water heaters.

Why Work with One Shot Water Heaters?

One Shot Water Heaters is not only the fastest growing water heater installation company in the area, using our revolutionary stress free 24/7 online booking system you can schedule your installation or replacement all from your computer without having to coordinate with anyone over the phone. Simply go through our booking steps and our technician will show up with your new water heater at the appointed time, install it perfectly, and leave you happy!

How much does a Water Heater Installation and Replacement cost?

One shot water heaters only offers fresh installs and replacements at the moment and the prices for services rendered are dependent on the type of job.

Your average water heater will last 6-13 years, depending on make, model, type, and maintenance. If you’re experiencing any of the issues mentioned on this page earlier, you might need a replacement. And that means the cost totally depends on what water heater you need to replace.

Whether you need a replacement or simply a new install for a new construction, One Shot Water Heaters is the revolutionary water heater company that allows you to book and schedule your installation or replacement from the comfort of your browser. No need to go through multiple steps or phone calls, you can simply book online, schedule online, and pay online! Simple, easy, and stress free. Find your easy price with our online booking tool!


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The county seat of Jackson Count, Warrensburg is the home to the University of Central Missouri. It was founded in 1835 and named after founders John and Martin D. Warren. In the late 1800s, the city was known for mineral springs, sandstone quarries, and coal mines. Though the economy today is more diversified, agriculture – particularly the farming of wheat, soybeans, and corn – is still important, as is manufacturing mechanical parts like circuit boards. Whiteman Air Force Base is located 10 miles east of the city and is the current home of the B-2 Spirit bomber. Famous people associated with the city include musicians John William Boone and Kimberley Wyatt, politicians Henry Warren Ogden and Mary Fallin, and businessman Errett Lobban Cord.

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